I Strongly Dislike WWII Alternate Histories. Here’s Why.

Because for at least ten million people, the Nazis did win.

And they’re still here. They’re still promoting an agenda of violence and hate. They still want to kill in the name of their worldview. They have no respect for the rule of law, for human rights, or human dignity.

The Nazis lost a war from a military standpoint, but not from an ideological standpoint.

For millions of people, the Nazis won.

For millions of people, it feels like the Nazis are still winning.

One thought on “I Strongly Dislike WWII Alternate Histories. Here’s Why.

  1. Kate says:

    Yes, exactly. Thank you for saying it!
    They’re still running governments and introducing policies that shape the world we live in. People seem to expect nazis/fascist to always have a ‘textbook look’, a tag identifying them as such; but it’s not necessary because you see it in the way they act, what they condemn and what they defend.
    And you see them in many, many parliaments and presidential residences.
    We’re suffering them every day. Many people are dying every single day because of them.

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