New Writing Desk, Progress, Camp NaNoWriMo

Today when I got back from my petsitting jobs, I saw this beautiful desk sitting out by the dumpster. I hauled it inside (quite a feat. It’s very heavy. A neighbor helped me get it up the stairs.) because I’m nothing if not my mother’s daughter. I was taught to trash-pick and I’ve gotten some excellent furniture this way.


I could not be happier. Look at this. This is where I can write now. No more sitting on the floor in that room!

The desk was missing hardware and one of the drawers is missing the front panel, so functions more like a sliding shelf. On the UPSIDE, I happened to have three knobs, not four, that I bought three years ago just because I liked them and they were on sale. I figured at some point, I’d have something for them. Not only did I still have them, but I knew exactly where they were this morning. So the desk is sporting new pretty knobs (with an antique chandelier on one, the word OPEN on another, and the word DISCOVER on the other).


Louie approves of the desk too. Much easier to supervise my writing from a perch.

I’m still working on Magic Balloon Book. I’m 35k into revisions on a 70k story, so I’m exactly halfway. Unfortunately, there’s been a lot of rewriting that’s happened so it’s slow going. I wanted to be done by April 1st but that’s not happening. I’m going to be realistic and keep revising through April and make May the month where I let it sit and fester for a bit. Revisions have been fun, though tedious. Sometimes I read what I wrote and go, “Wait, what?” and other times, I’m grinning at my scene and thinking, “Past Self, that’s an awesome line. Excellent job.” I’ve cut about 7k at this point, but I know it’s coming back so I’m trying not to worry about it. I know I’ll need another pass of revisions specifically for a few things. I’m keeping a list. You know little things like “justification for the climax of the book”. No big deal, right? If you hear me laughing, that’s a desperate maniacal laugh. But at least revisions are steady forward progress. 

I’m still going to do Camp NaNoWriMo for April. It’s a more relaxed NaNoWriMo. I’m writing a different story (write one, revise one, seems like a plan?). It’s a YA contemp tentatively titled Sounds Like Hallelujah about a girl whose best friend is the victim of a rape. It’s an interesting perspective. I’ve never read anything from this side of things and so I’m curious about exploring it. Thusfar I have a logline, a working title, and a first line. I have character names and a really loose plot and arc. 

We’ll see where it goes. I’m aiming to write 1.5k on that and revise 5k a day on magic balloon book over this month. That should keep me on track!

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