Writing Day, So Here are Some Awesome Links

I’m aiming to write 10,000 words today (which is, at least for me, A REALLY HEAVY DAY, but I’m trying to get back on track and write a lot of scenes that are CRUCIAL but difficult to write. Also, I intend on spending my weekend preparing this job application for a job I very much want.) 

In lieu of a BIG WORD POST about a BOOK or how emotional I get when I write a character I love and then have to do something terrible to him/her, I am going to share my links. Some of them come from Field Trip Friday at YA Highway. Some I’ve just collected this week. This list is also known as Katie’s Way of Saving All of Her Bookmarks and Twitter Favorites from this Week in One Useful Place for Herself. I’m self-serving most of the time.

This ThinkProgress post about racial and sexual diversity in art pulled from Malinda Lo. If you missed the part where Malinda Lo is one of my literary heroes, let me repeat: Malinda Lo is one of my literary heroes. As someone who identifies as queer or bi (depends on the day, my mood, etc,), I always question the distinct lack of queer main characters in my books. I’m still grappling with that. As a white American girl, I know why I write characters of color infrequently. One of the main characters in my current WIP is not-white and I’m constantly questioning what truths I’m presenting about POC (people of color) with everything he does and says and how I have my narrator describe him. It’s become a daily struggle in my mind. I worry about these things. I worry about Truths, especially when I’m writing a character who, in our world, is a minority character and I know that if this ever got published, he would be scrutinized: by people for what messages I sent through him, and by kids who identified with him. 

This I got from YA Highway. This is about the power of WHOA. And I don’t know how else to describe it because it brought tears to my eyes, so I’m pulling a quote from it: 

But we are more than the sum of our trends, and as beacons attracting readers to certain characters and themes, we have to remain bright. The only way to remain bright is to take risks, to challenge, to innovate.

End quote because…fuck yes. FUCK YES. (Have I ruined a future career by saying that on my blog? Significantly possible. I regret nothing!)

When you write nerds, are you making all nerds have autistic characteristics? And vice versa, are you writing all autistic characters as nerds? This. (I also think about this. Guys, there used to be a time when people were just really into things, really nerdy, and a little socially awkward and there was no DSM label slapped on their foreheads. Remember those times? I remember those times.)

This is a story of a gay boy falling in love with a straight man (we assume). It’s poetic, lyrical, heartbreaking, and tragically real.

And What Agents Want in the First Five Pages. Could also be titled: what everyone wants in the first five pages but Agents are your gatekeepers 😉

And finally, here’s a picture of me rereading Divergent this morning with my foster kitten Hugo:

ImageThis weekend, I’m finishing reading SHARDS AND ASHES, rereading LITTLE BROTHER, and reading HOMELAND by Cory Doctorow. I should have posts for all three of those next week (Little Brother and Homeland will be together, probably). That’s theoretically. I have a family day on Sunday and I’m applying for a job as well. Fingers crossed!



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