Let’s Get…Potentially Blacklisted By The ‘Community’

I have a bone to pick. And I suspect (‘in my heart of hearts’) that this is a bone I shouldn’t pick until I’m well entrenched and have enough proven integrity (and followers/readers) to follow back onto that during the fallout from saying the following.

But you know. Very few people read so why NOT say it now 😉 and the aforementioned, I’m Going to Talk About Something No One Talks About, reasons are why I will not be naming names (at all) or titles (at all) and you can’t coax them out of me even if you know me in real life and hold my cats hostage.

Okay, that might get me to tell you. Nobody touches my cats.



It’s basically UNSPEAKABLE to dislike a book written by a Big Name in the Industry. In the horse show world, these people would be BNT (Big Name Trainers) and to say you really thought that George Morris was offbase when he taught that One Thing in that One Clinic is like…well, you may experience Sudden Social Death Syndrome where everyone thinks you have Bad Taste, Poor Judgment, and Don’t Understand The Community.

Right, because every single thing that people publishes is Perfect.

It’s true, what this person has published in the past has been awesome and I loved it. And what this person generally recommends as books to read that s/he enjoyed are GREAT recommendations. And I have a LOT of respect for this person.

But that Amazing Book? I didn’t enjoy it. It fell flat for me. It fell worse than flat. It faceplanted on the ground like it fell off the Empire State building. I never had a single satisfying moment while reading it.

But I don’t even want to name the Author or the Book because it feels SO MUCH like I would be Shunned because I had the audacity not to like a book that worked for a LOT of people and made a lot of Best of lists. If this Author wasn’t such a Big Name, this would not be the reaction. Big Names shouldn’t buy you immunity from criticism on a poorly written and poorly edited book. But it does, doesn’t it.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get…Potentially Blacklisted By The ‘Community’

  1. Lauren says:

    I wouldn’t dream of holding your cats hostage, but I’m SO curious to know who the author is! I love this discussion post. There are several ‘BNT’s who seem to do no wrong in the eyes of publishers and most other bloggers, and it often does take courage to say, hey, this book actually kind of sucked, you guys.

    I think most bloggers appreciate honesty, even if it flies in the face of their beloved idols’ perfect image—I know I do. For instance, I adore Tamora Pierce and honestly feel like she has yet to write a bad book (ok, the Tortall short stories weren’t wonderful, but I still enjoyed a few of them). But I have so many blogger friends who just did not feel her Beka Cooper books; one even hated them with a passion. I may disagree with their opinions, but I’m SO glad they shared their honest feelings, rather than just piling on the Tammy love bandwagon. It makes their positive feedback actually MEAN something.

    Also, another added bonus—the next time I don’t like that Maggie Stiefvater book they’re gushing about, they can’t complain to me. 🙂

    • Katie L says:

      Haha, I can’t reveal 😉 but thanks for not holding my cats hostage!

      I LOVE Tamora Pierce and I didn’t mind the Beka Cooper story, I just didn’t feel grabbed by Beka as a character. And even Kel, whom I didn’t immediately like, I really grew to love, but that didn’t happen with Beka. I love Kristin Cashore’s books, but had the same experience with Bitterblue. Compared to Katsa and Fire, Bitterblue felt so petulant and childish, and she was older than both of them when her book took place! I felt myself just wanting to reread the parts of the book where Katsa and Po were around!

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