No One Hashtags Secondary World Problems

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter GENRE. 

I promise you, science fiction and fantasy aren’t as scary as they seem. There’s some awesome lit written in them, both in YA and outside of YA, and we can learn a lot from sf/f. 

I absolutely loved this Madeleine L’Engle quote from her acceptance of the Margaret Edwards Award: “Another assumption was that science and fantasy don’t mix. Why not? We live in a fantastic universe, and subatomic particles and quantum mechanics are even more fantastic than the macrocosm. Often the only way to look clearly at this extraordinary universe is through fantasy, fairy tale, myth.

So yes, I think that fantasy, fairy tale, and myth, including science fiction, play an important role in literature and our culture. After all, the first “science fiction” ended up predicting the technology and abilities we have today. 

I am considering combining the first two books of my proposed secondary world post-apocalyptic sci-fi quartet into a single book. I’m sitting here with my nook on my lap and a pad of blank paper next to me where I’m mapping out what would change and what I would edit out and what the conflict/structure would look like.

In light of that, here’s what I’ve been reading today:

Secondary World Problems 

No, Really. No One Hashtags Secondary World Problems. 

“If the stories you tell are limited by your assumptions, then building better worlds is about questioning your assumptions.”

Margaret Atwood and Ursula Le Guin discuss sci fi/spec fic/realism/fantasy/labels

Margaret Atwood, Science Fiction, and oh, she likes Blade Runner

7 Unnecessary Science Fiction Worldbuilding Details

10 Examples of Awesome Science Fiction Worldbuilding

Hope some of these end up on your bookmarks too!

(Isn’t it strange that we save websites by “bookmarking” them? I just realized that. I’ve never thought about it before!)

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